Polarizing Microscope QMM-500


Viewing Head: 30 degree inclined fixed Trinocular Head

Mechanical Stage: 360 degree rotating circular stage

Observation Technique: (Transmitted light Bright Field (BF), Dark Field (DF) & Polarization (POL) and phase contrast techniques

Eyepiece: A pair of WF 10X/22mm FOV.




Optical System UCIS infinity corrected optical system


Anti-microbial treated body having the feature of transmission and reflection mode polarization microscopy with built in filter holders.
Viewing Head


30 degree inclined fixed Trinocular Head (3 way beam splitter) with IPD 52mm-75mm


Trinocular Photo Tube:3-Way Beam splitter (100:00/80:20 & 50:50/0:100) compatible with 22 mm. Suitable C-mount adapter.





A pair of WF 10X/22mm FOV. Eyepoint height adjustment up to 21mm with locking screw and cross hair graticule.


Plan Achromatic polarising objectives of 5X,10X,20X, 50X and 100X.


Strain free focusable swing out polarising condenser with magnification labelling, colour making and Add on lens.


Mechanical Stage


Centrable polarisation 360 degree rotating circular stage of diameter 178mm with graduation of 1micrometer and adjustable brake and vernier. Object guide mechanical stage for XY movement of the specimen with knob and stage clips.


Focusing Control


Co-axial coarse and fine focusing control with large knobs and torque adjustment feature. Coarse focusing stroke of 22mm and fine focusing stroke of 100 micrometer.


Nose piece


4/5/6 position centerable and detachable objective nosepiece, Lambda Plate. Compensator and accessories slot, DIC Slot (Optional)



360 degree rotatable, 5 degree scale interval polariser with different types of compensators like full wave plate, quarter- wave plate, Wedge compensator (0-4 lambda).Has polarizer slider attachment.


In built transmitted light filters with 3.3W LED illumination having 25000 hours of working life.

SMPS Supply with 14 watt LED with Light Pre-set Switch & LED Voltage
Indicator (OPTIONAL)



Has ISO,CE and European CE Certificate.
Pin-in Stand


Pin-in Stand for alignment for pol viewing tube for mineralogical application.
Power Supply


Universal Power supply of 110V-240V 50/60 Hz.