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About Us

Quality Scientific & Mechanical Works

Quality Scientific & Mechanical Works (microscope manufacturers in India) has ushered onto the path of accelerated growth since its establishment in the year 1961. The logical ideas and effective methods to handle the managerial activities, have assisted the company to acquire distinguished position amidst the dependable Industrial & pathological Microscopes Manufacturers in India. The company has also earned loads of appreciation in the market for dealing in Scientific & Industrial Instruments.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is backed with technologically advanced tools & machineries and automation that assist in the quality and quantity production of Scientific Instruments. The Robust infrastructural base has also made us competent in efficiently carrying out activities like marketing, sales support, development, logistics and manufacturing.

Owing to the priority to serve quality products, various stringent quality tests are conducted from the very initial stage of deployment of raw materials in the processing unit to the final stage of packaging of instruments. For fuller assurance of the quality, the instruments are tested by our quality control executives and the quality policy is also revised at frequent basis.

We have a huge and established network of dealers in India, also we are exporting our equipments worldwide, directly from India. The network is well-supported with transportation facility that has assisted in meeting the requirements of the markets within predetermined timeline. The network has also been the prime reason of huge clientele.

Now the question arises is of rates. As we are having our own manufacturing plant, our own CNC & VMC machines, our own paint shop, our own lens making unit, our own coating plant. As you can see everything is made up under one roof, so obviously the costing of the product is less. That’s why the rates offered by Quality Scientific & Mechanical Works are really competitive and unseen.


Explore Our Main Services

Our excellent team is ready to be part of your team to work into the different areas

Industrial Microscopes

Industrial microscopes are used for measuring, quality control, inspection and are also used in soldering and manufacturing processes. Designed with modularity in mind, it provides streamlined workflows and flexible solutions.



Biological Microscopes

Biological microscopes are primarily designed to observe cells, tissues, and other biological specimens. Multiple objective lenses can be attached providing a magnification that can range anywhere from 100x - 1,000x or more.



Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopy provides solutions for all types of material analysis. We offer hardware & software that will solve your industrial & manufacturing needs with ease. Discover without any destruction details you never have seen before in a high image quality.



Microscopic Cameras

Microscopic cameras are scientific tools that provide precise monitoring and documentation of specimens and tissues. Our Microscope cameras provide fast live images, high resolution and clear contrast.




Happy Customers & Clients

As we are continuously improving and developing our products, this website may not be updated with advancements done. However, we try our best to update the website for latest information. For complete updated product specifications please do ask for latest brochure or call us at our toll free number.