Semen analysis is a very essential step before any artificial insemination is carried out. Semen is a fluid containing sperm cells, which is released during ejaculation. A normal sperm count is above 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. The volume of semen is normally more than 2 milliliters. Besides the pure volume of sperm cells, a semen analysis (seminogram or spermiogram) includes the microscopic evaluation of

Sperm Concentration: sperm number is counted (Mio cells/ml)

Sperm Motility/Vitality: measures, how many sperm are moving progressively, non-progressively, or are immobile.

Sperm Morphology: Evaluation of normal versus abnormal shape.

To create the seminogram you observe living sperm cells in phase contrast and stained sperm cell smears in transmitted light brightfield or fluorescence. Only vital sperms and healthy oocytes lay the foundations for successful fertilization.

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