PZQ-106 D Upright Phase Contrast Fluorescent Microscope


Optical System: Color Corrected Infinity Optical System

Eyepieces: Wide Field 10x eye-piece with 22mm/25mm

Fluorescent Illumination: LED based illumination with LED light(s) of 50000, hours life time.




Stand: Ergonomic design microscope body.
Optical System: Color Corrected Infinity Optical System, antifungal & antireflection Coated
Magnification: 4x,10x, 40x, 100x (40x to 100x), (60x and 80x optional)
Observation Head: Sidentoph Trinocular/binocular head inclined at 30°, Swivelling 360° rotatable

with Interpupillary distance of 48-75mm. Three-way trinocular tube with simultaneous view on camera and eye piece

Nose-piece: Ultra-smooth Sextuple/Quintupple/Quadrupple revolving nose-piece ball bearing type with proper click stops, rubber grip.
Eyepieces: Wide Field 10x eye-piece with 22mm/25mm F.O.V (anti-fungal) with rubber eyecups.
Mechanical Stage: Mechanical Rectangular stage size 210mm X140mm.

X/Y travel range 90mm X 70mm with upper limit stopper, hard ceramic surface dual slide holder.

Division: 0.1mm Low drive right side movement controls.


Objectives: High Contrast infinity corrected iQVST series

Plan-achromat/HI PLAN/ 4X NA 0.10
 Plan-achromat/HI PLAN 10X NA 0.25
 Plan Apochromat/Flour/ 20X NA 0.45
 Plan Apochromat/Fluor40X NA 0.65
 Plan Apochromat/Fluor 100X NA 1.3

antifungal, antireflection coated. (2x,60x, 80x optional)

Condenser: Swing out condenser/Universal condenser for adaptation of switchable condenser heads, NA 0.90 suitable for brightfield, phase contrast, and fluorescent. Iris diaphragm with Frosted white filter, antifungal & antireflection coated. Rack and pinion movements on stainless steel guides.
Focusing Control: Two step Co-axial coarse and fine focusing on

on both sides, gear systems for smooth operation. Fine adjustment

0.2mm/rotation and Focus stop adjustment and upper limit stopper.

Transmitted Illumination: 10W LED Illumination, variable control. Up to 60,000 hours of LED life.

Universal input 110V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz (with battery backup-optional)

Fluorescent Filters:


Fluorescent Illumination:

system with 6 position reflector turret, DAPI / FITC / TRITC / CY5 capable of capturing any dye.

Fluorescence Imaging functions: LED based illumination with LED light(s) life time of 60,000 hours with intensity controller.

Observations: Phase Contrast, Bright field & Fluorescent. (polarizer optional)
Accessories: filter holder fixed in the
condensor, dust cover, cleaning cloth, 100x oil, power
cable, styrofoam casing, User Manual FL Oil 50 ml
Quality Certificates: ISO, EU-CE, USFDA, ISI, NSIC MSME, SSI, Udhyam